Bug Juice

Kiddie Cocktail, 2012, 30x30, archival ink jet print As a little girl when I was at camp, I distinctly remember the sickly sweet taste of pink juice served in small Dixie cups, often dubbed, “Bug Juice”.  

Porch living at its best on the blog today - link in profile #checkedshirts

Porch Living

Cut from the Same Cloth, 2013, 30x30, archival ink jet print You know my fondness for porches…

RoboBug #eyesareforseeing

Summer games #cardsharks

Yuker http://wp.me/s3R1Sh-yuker

Yuker, 2012, 30x30, archival ink jet print In honor of my work that is currently being shown at…

Croquet anyone? #ihearwithmyeyes #anneloucksgallery

Croquet Anyone ?

Striker, 2012, from “I Hear with my Eyes”, 30 x 30, archival ink jet print…

@meimeye got me a gem@of a camera for my bday- I’m a lucky lady in so many ways #ilovephotography

Hello 42- it’s a pleasure to meet you #birthdayselfie